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   原料一直采购国内最优质上市公司高纯度AUS32专用原料,确保每一批次产品合格出厂。产品远销至欧美,2016年度成为英国ECOUREA 品牌战略合作商,国内多家大型加油站及商用车厂商指定合作伙伴。全国设有六大营销中心,及时配送至全国各地。产品严格按照国家执行标准 GB 29518:2013生产。企业通过( ISO 9001:2015 )质量管理体系认证。

2016年度成为英国ECOUREA品牌战略合作商。应ECOUREA 公司要求蓝禾素产品送检欧州权威机构威立雅,并与上海外贸码头国外货轮进港加注AUS 40指定唯一品牌
产品严格按照国家执行标准 GB 29518:2013生产
本企业通过( ISO 9001:2015 )质量管理体系认证


1. 先进的生产工艺: 






绿 色蓝禾素责任观。走绿色工业发展之路,以提供高性价比绿色动力为己任,展现健康、环保的形象,实现可持续发展目标。

发 展蓝禾素卓越观。做强做大核心业务,崛起潜力板块,拓展相关产业链,完成蔚全球布局,打造世界知名品牌,成就大型跨国企业集团。

和 谐蓝禾素人文观。构建和谐基本要素,培育忠诚、博爱、协同、安康的文化,企业和员工共同达到最佳状态。

共 赢蓝禾素价值观。生存发展的经营哲学和经营战略,贯穿发展全过程,与利益相关方和社会共享企业成果,实现长期最大化共赢。

Introduction of GUANGZHOU LANHESU Environmental Protection Technology Co. LTD

The LanHeSu company is professional to produce Urea solution, Urea denitrifier, nitric oxide reducer.The enterprise integrates research and development, production and sales, and devotes itself to the research on emission reduction and control of nitrogen oxides in air pollution. LanHeSu has 6 patentsof production technology and 4 patents of invention. At the same time, the domestic advanced automatic equipment is used. In 2017, sale is the top five in China, and the products exported to European and American also. “LanHeSu“  became first-line brands really.

Raw material is high purity AUS32 (special raw material) from the best quality listed company in China. Make sure each batch of products is qualified Products.

In 2016, LanHeSu become COUREA brand strategy partners which is from British bran. LanHeSu is a member of large domestic gas station and commercial vehicle manufactures designated partners. We have 6 marketing centers in China, which are delivered to all parts of the country in time. The products are manufactured in strict accordance with GB 29518:2013. The enterprise has passed (ISO 9001: 2015) quality management system certification.

In 2015, Signed a strategic partner with JIANGXI province investment group Co. LTD.

In 2016, it became the UK ECOUREA brand strategy partner. Products are required by ECOUREA to be inspected by Veolia, a European authority company. And product AUS40 is the designated product for foreign cargo ship in SHANGHAI foreign trade port.

In 2016, regional cooperation with CNOOC in SHENZHEN.

In 2017, we signed the agreement to cooperate with JIANGLING automobile group and several commercial vehicle anufactures.

In 2017, signed cooperation with ZHANJIANG,GUANGDONG region of PETROCHINA.

In 2017, it was selected to cultivate warehousing enterprises for high-tech enterprises in GUANGDONG province.

In 2018, passed China’s intellectual property management system certification.

In 2018, awarded AAA credit enterprise of China environmental protection technology industry.

In 2018, won the honor of a famous brand in China’s environmental science and technology industry.

                                                       LanHeSu is the Best choose

1, Advanced production technology

Using high purity Urea, with strict management system and the latest production process,using the filter system to purify Urea raw material and pure water modulation synthesis, quality stability.

2, Systematic quality control system

LanHeSu has professional production, sale experience. According to GB29518-2013, the production and transportation links are under control and approved by the technical supervision department of the government.

3, Professional logistics and distribution team

With a professional transport fleet and logistics distribution system. It can be timely, fast and accurate distribution to the pearl river delta and surrounding areas.

Green: LanHeSu concept of responsibility, we will follow the green industrial development, take it  as our mission to provide cost-effective and green driving forces, demonstrate a healthy and environmentally friendly image, achieve sustainable development goals.

Development: LanHeSu concept of excellence, we will strengthen and expand core businesses, raise potential sectors, expand relevant industrial chains, build a world-renowned brand, and build a large multinational enterprise group.

Harmony: LanHeSU literary view, build the basic elements of harmony, cultivate the culture of loyalty,fraternity, cooperation and well-being, achieve the best state for the enterprise and employees.

Co- win: LanHeSu values, the business philosophy and business strategy of survival and development run through the whole development process, share the results of the enterprise with stakeholders and the society, realize long-term maximization and win-win results.